Elizabeth Hands    - Protagonist 
Timothy Hands      - Elizabeth's Decease Husband 
Samuel Lee            - Timothy's Best Friend 
Jonathan Armstrong - Timothy's Son 
Katrina Armstrong    - Jonathan's Daughter
Jackie Armstrong      - Jonathan's mother
Alicia Greenwild         - Jonathan's Girlfriend
Cindy Reid                   - Elizabeth's maid
Franklin Overwhelm   - Elizabeth's butler
Ms. Baits                       - Samuel's Administrator 
Yolanda Holland/Darlene Sheep - Private Investigator 
Charles Wilks                  - News Reporter
Symanthia Longrain       - News Reporter 
Loraine Tombert             - News Reporter
Stacey                              - Cindy's Friend 
Melody                             - Yolanda's Neighbor
Terrance                          - Yolanda's Boyfriend 
Janice Holland                - Yolanda's Mother 
extra - male that hit on Cindy

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